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We’re hungry to see ministries be dangerous. What that means to us is that you are able to be laser focused on your mission. We blend into the background, handling the behind the scenes work so you can focus on what you’re passionate about.

2004: The Beginning of Five Q

Five Q Founder and CEO, Chad Williams has had a lifelong conviction of investing his time in things that last forever: People and God’s Word. In 2004, in response to God’s call and anchored by his entrepreneurial gifts, Chad left the international ministry he was serving and started Five Q with his wife, Karen. One of his first actions was asking his father and father-in-law to write him a letter of blessing. He still re-reads those letters every year.

Operating out of their basement, Five Q began to serve ministries. For over a decade Five Q has continued to grow and evolve to better meet the needs of our partners. Five Q has always existed to serve.

Our Homebase Is At Home

Five Q is a distributed company, meaning that most of the employees enjoy the perks of working from their own home. Spread out across four time zones so, wherever you are, we are near you. From New York to Chicago, and Midwest to the Northwest, we’ve got you covered. We love working this way because it allows us to create a family-first culture that keeps us right where we are needed most, at home. It also allows us to keep overhead costs low. You don’t have to pay for a fancy fountain in our lobby, which means we are able to use your ministry dollars in an efficient and effective way.

Growing our team,
so you don’t have to grow yours.

Since 2004 we have had the privilege of serving some amazing ministries. Our team continues to grow and change to keep up with the ever-changing current of digital trends. We have grown from the original team of just two guys working out of Chad’s basement to a company of designers, developers, thinkers, thought-leaders, and strategists spread all over the country. Basically, if it applies to digital, we are equipped to cover it.

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