American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls came to us wanting to refresh their website, but maintain the summer camp feel of their brand, which sets them apart from competitors.

We were instantly drawn to the paper doll illustrations they had and wanted to make sure those characters were featured prominently throughout the site. We also wanted to give the whole site a “scrapbook” feel by mixing colors, textures, and patterns. Lastly, we softened and feminized the color palette with a neutral navy blue and and a raspberry red (because summer camp just isn’t complete without a belly full of fresh berries!)

Screenshot of American Heritage Girls' Website


Girls Only Section

The “Girls Only” section of the website was designed to a be a fun hangout area with a “secret clubhouse” vibe, that gave the girls of each age group a place to hang out, interact with other girls, and get books and resources geared specifically for them.Screenshot of American Heritage Girls' Girls Only section, Pioneer Level


Each of the girls pages includes a diagram of the uniform for that group and brings a fun, visual element to the page.

Illustration of Pathfinder UniformIllustration of Tenderheart UniformIllustration of Explorer Uniform

Illustration of Pioneer Uniform Illustration of Patriot Uniform



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