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In everything we do, we serve and respect each distinct, gospel-centered organization. As an agency grounded in an ever-evolving digital world, we must continually pivot and adapt. Your ministry and mission thrive because Five Q strives to stay ahead of the learning curve to provide fresh, unexpected digital solutions.

Customized Support

We believe outside input is vital for healthy organizations, but soon we hope you’ll feel like our team is an extension of yours. In an effort to deeply understand your ministry, we often start with a digital performance appraisal, vision-mapping and ministry action planning.

Skilled Experts At Your Fingertips

We believe the most successful execution happens within strategic context. Knowing how “the what” will impact “the why” helps make excellence attainable with service like art direction, user experience design, and web development.

Digital Marketing and Fundraising

We believe understanding what your core offering is and who your desired users are is essential to making you thrive. Some elements of our current activation offering include SEO, inbound marketing, and digital fundraising.

Ministry Action Plans

We know that making digital choices is stressful. Digital means more than just your website. It’s your website, social media, marketing strategy, information architecture, user experience, and more. That’s a lot of pressure. We want to take some of the stress out of the equation. We build action plans to further your purpose, align your team, and reach your audience. Ministry Action Plans show you which services would help you the most so you don’t end up paying for something you don’t need. Finally, you can multiply — and measure! — your ministry.

  • Digital Performance Appraisal

    Our team evaluates your brand or website, gives a score, and we evaluate the results to determine the next steps with action items.

  • Strategy Roadmap

    We lay out clear next steps to follow so you can start seeing results.

  • Technology Roadmap

    Our team of developers will evaluate your current tools and make suggestions that will not only help streamline your website and process, but can even save you some money.

Here is an example of the results chart you might get from a Digital Performance Appraisal. It’s kind of like a wellness check for your ministry.

Our Skills in Your Tool Belt

What if on your list of accomplishments today you could say, “added a team of 20+ experts with over 100 years of combined digital ministry experience?” Sounds like a good day! Five Q is a full-service agency with an array of skills. Here are just a few in our tool belt.

Search Optimization

Search Optimization

Where do you rank in search?
We fix technical issues and implement a keyword growth plan.

User Experience

User Experience

Is bad process disrupting users from reaching a goal?
We improve the experience by mapping the user journey and prototyping for iterative feedback.

Creative Design

Creative Design

Does your content lack aesthetic appeal?
We collaborate with your team and provide various levels of design support, from art direction to graphic design.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Does your brand create a bond with users?
We help shape your brand through story and visual guides.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What is your click-through rate?
We create segmented email sequences that are relevant to the user and action oriented.

Website Development

Website Development

Can you keep up with technology needs?
We provide resources for web redesign, e-commerce, donations, forms, and personalization.

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